BabyBiotics™ - Probiotic Spray for Children


BabyBiotics™ - Probiotic Spray for Children

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BabyBiotics™ - All Natural Topical Probiotic Body Care for Children of All borns included!

Has Been Known to Add Relief For and/or Prevent: Diaper Rash, Cradle Cap, Eczema, Impetigo, Acne, Hand-Foot-Mouth Virus Sores and Other Skin Irritations, Ringworm, Ear Infections, Pink Eye, Teething, Canker/Cold Sores, Bug Bites, Allergies and Nasal Congestion.

Penetrates and cleans topically and under the skins surface at the microscopic level for up to 3 days. C-Section babies are not exposed to the beneficial flora at birth. Our formulation acts as a protective barrier of beneficial microflora needed to strengthen their immunity. 

Directions: Apply a light mist directly to the affected area. Do not wipe off or remove. Apply 1-2 times daily preferably after bathing and/or during
diaper changes. Use as often as needed especially in trying to combat more stubborn cases of skin conditions/irritations.
To maintain healthy skin apply a few times a week.

Shake well.  Separation occurs naturally.

Ingredients: Probiotics and Purified Water Only

Vegan, Gluten Free, Chemical Free, Never Tested On Animals, Process of Organic Certification

VEGAN - Pareve Probiotics

Safe And Beneficial For Everyday Use For Newborns Through Adolescence.

Safe for external and internal use.  

Disclaimer: Not Intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent Any Disease or Condition.


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BabyBiotics™  Reviews

"I used this on my 4 month old son's diaper rash and it works great! Cleared it up within a day. It doesn't have much scent to it which is nice, it dries quickly on baby's bottom so I don't have to wait too long before putting a diaper on him. I've also used the product on myself in a few areas where I have eczema and it helped a lot. I've also used it on my son's baby acne and it cleared it up fast. I like that it has all natural ingredients and no harsh perfumes"  -K. Hill

"My two year old gets horrible dry/eczema. He wakes up scratching in the middle of the night and he's pretty uncomfortable from it. The pediatrician prescribed a steroid cream, but we're only supposed to use it in short doses, and I try to stretch it even further between uses since he's so young. I have tried every lotion, cream, essential oil, etc. that I can get my hands on to help his skin between uses of the steroid cream. I have to admit - I am really impressed with BabyBiotics. It works great - it relieved some of the worst patches and he's been scratching noticeably less. It's also really easy to apply (a consideration with a squirmy two year old). From a few inches away, the spray has good coverage so I can lift his shirt, spray, and tuck it back in before he has a change to fuss at it or wipe it off. It has a noticeable but fairly pleasant smell - like lemon mixed with eucalyptus. Frankly, its a huge improvement over what my two year old normally smells like. Overall it has worked great and although I can say because it worked on my son it will work on everyone, it is DEFINATELY worth a try."  - Dan & Stacey

"My 6 yr old suffers from mild to moderate chronic eczema. Used this product twice a day on his itchy spots and was extremely pleased with the results, his skin completely cleared up. In the past I've tried every prescription his PED recommended with minimal results. I made the mistake of running out of the spray and quickly noticed the eczema flare back up. My son also suffers from alopecia which some research seems to think is linked with his eczema flares. Since using this product to control his eczema I've noticed new hair growth on the bald patches on his head. My only complaint is that they don't sell this product in bulk!"  - Matt F.

"This is fantastic! I cannot say enough how amazing it is. I recommend probiotics for digestive health to everyone. I will now be recommending this spray to all Moms. I usually use coconut oil for diaper rash, but recently my baby contracted thrush and it spread to a diaper rash. This cleared it right up, coconut oil is never recommended for yeast because it can make it spread. This spray also helped my eczema on my hands, it didn't clear it up (nothing does), but it definitely healed it some."  - Marti S.

"I bought this to use for my daughter's frequent diaper rashes and also to treat my own skin issues. I was excited to see a topical version of probiotics as the internal version works well for our digestive systems.The shipping was super fast and the bottle is incredibly easy to use. There is a good amount of the product and I suspect it will last quite some time. We have all used it a couple times and it was pleasant - no discernible smell and it was not sticky at all. I will definitely keep using this product on a frequent basis."      - Alik