Discover the Power of Probiotic

Are you looking for clearer skin? Decreased skin sensitivity, redness and inflammation? Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? Increased elasticity? A healthier you not just on the inside, but on the outside too?

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that reduces pathogens and toxin producing bacteria by battling these harmful microbes. This includes the bacteria that causes acne, rosacea and other problems related to our skin. The right bacteria can also keep the skin young. "A study found that probiotics can stimulate skin's protective mechanism from the inside and this may also happen with the external application," says Eric Perrier, a cosmetic scientist. Our Organic and Probiotic products can help restore beneficial bacteria to your skin. Our products aim to manage levels of inflammation within the skin, thus reducing the signs of ageing. Our organic probiotic products ward off pathogenic bacteria, reduce inflamation and risk of infection and aid in the healing process. Reap the benefits of probiotics by applying them topically.