O-LOVE Olive Oil


Why is Virgin Olive Oil so Awesome?

Virgin Olive Oil is a monounsaturated fat, and is considered a good fatty acid (high density lipoproteins, HDLs) protect against bad cholesterol, or low density lipoproteins (LDLs).

Delicious organic olive oil contains all the vitamins and nutrients of the olive fruit, and if you get a premium organic olive oil, it will taste better and have a full aroma.

1.    Protect You from Heart Disease

2.    Ease the Symptoms of Ulcers & Gastritis

3.    Lower Gallstone Formation

4.    Balance the Fatty Acids in Your Body

5.    Boosts the metabolism

6.    It is an excellent source of vitamin A and E

7.    Anti-inflammatory and Antimicrobial Properties

8.    Rich in antioxidants

9.    Slows the natural aging process of the human body

10. Olive oil is said to protect the human body against cancerous growth (Medical research done at the prestigious Oxford University has shown positive signs that the acidic content of olive oil can prevent the commencement of rectum and bowel cancer)

11.  A major component of olive oil may help prevent breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

12. Moisturizer for the face (Mix extra virgin olive oil and sea salt together to make a natural exfoliator for your face)

13. Help Skin Elasticity

14. Softens dry skin.

15. Olive oil is also used for nail and cuticle care, and many women also use it as an eye-makeup remover.