10 Ways to Be Smart-N-Healthy

The Smart-N-Healthy brand is all about being educated and putting your health first. Our goal is to help people above anything else. We do not believe in selling something that does not work. So now that you know our ethics,  Here are 10 rules we follow that we would love for you to follow too: 



  1. Read Labels  - Look for ingredients, see what skin types it is designed for.  Treat what you put ON your body just like the food you put IN your body. Look for expiration dates and allergy information. 
  2. Learn from Others - Our company believes in sharing experiences gained, instead of making claims. Any testimonials or suggested uses come from scientific studies, our staff and our customers, there are no false claims. 
  3. Use Products, YOU Need- choose products designed for your specific needs. Not every formula is going to work for everyone, we all have different skin types and body chemistry. 
  4. Try New Things - Taste new foods, meet new people, and go to new places. You can always sample our products before committing to full size purchases. 
  5. Understand Your Body -We are individuals, with very diverse needs and bodies.  Don't fall for marketing trends. Do not let companies convince you that you need to buy their products for issues that do not exist.  
  6. Love the Planet - Go natural and chose ethically sourced ingredients. Avoid pesticides and other toxins designed to kill organisms We don't want to kill our good cells or the Earth! 
  7. Go Cruelty Free - Avoid products that test on animals or use animal products or by-products. If a product has ingredients that are unsafe to test on humans from the start do you really want them on your skin? Our products are all cruelty free & vegetarian. Most are vegan unless it is noted that they contain sustainably sourced beeswax.
  8. Respect Wisdom- Humans have been using many natural health and beauty treatments for thousands of years, if they have worked for thousands years, there must be a good reason to stick with them. All of our products are based in that wisdom. 
  9. Spread the Knowledge - Share with friends and family what products work for you and ones that gave you bad side effects. You may help them find great results or save them from a problem, at the least save them some money. 
  10. Beauty Starts from Within - Be honest and kind. Always be good to yourself and to others! 


If you are a beauty blogger who would like to sample and review our products please send us an email with "Beauty Blogger" in the subject line, include your media kit if possible.