MenBiotics™ - Topical Probiotic Spray

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MenBiotics™ - Topical Probiotic Spray

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MenBiotics™ - All Natural Topical Probiotic Body Care for Men

Has Been Known to Add Relief For and/or Prevent: Genital Areas, Jock Itch, Athletes Foot, Acne, Cold Sores, Dry Scalp, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Shingles, Dry Skin, Aging Skin, After Shave Irritation, Foot/Body Odor, Allergies, Skin Parasites and Other Skin Irritations.

Inhibits The Growth Of Yeast And Fungal Organisms Preventing Jock Itch And Other Skin Irritations. 

Directions: Apply a light mist directly to the affected area. Do not wipe off or remove. Apply 1-2 times daily for best results. May be prolonged as needed, especially in trying to combat stubborn cases of jock itch and skin parasites such as lice, scabies and crabs, acne, or other skin irritations. To maintain healthy skin and genital freshness use as desired preferably before/after intimacy, workouts and periods of excess sweating and/or moisture. Cleans topically and under the skins surface at the microscopic level.

Shake well before use.  Separation occurs naturally.

Safe for external and internal use.

Ingredients: Probiotics And Purified Water Only

Vegan, Gluten Free, Chemical Free, Never Tested On Animals, Process of Organic Certification

VEGAN - Pareve Probiotics

Disclaimer: Not Intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent Any Disease or Condition.

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MenBiotics™ Reviews

"As a former athlete and current staffer on a major league organization, I originally bought and intended to use the product for athletes foot. When i first used it, it didnt burn like other sprays have. it was gentle and soft to my skin. It worked so well, that I did more research and found out it has more uses. I began to use it on my elbows for a small patch of psoriasis and also on dry skin on my cuticuls. All areas are smoother and softer. Ive also noticed, that in those areas, I dont seem to be itchy and having to scratch anymore. I will keep using the product and also try it on other parts of my body. A great multipurpose product!" - Henry B.

"I bought this product originally for my husband's jock itch, and have used it on myself with great results! I must admit I was hesitant at first, but after researching the probiotic used in this product, I felt more comfortable using it. One evening after being out to dinner I had a terrible flare up of thrush in my mouth. My tongue was swollen, cracked and I was in a lot of pain. I decided to try the spray in my mouth. I couldn't believe the pain was gone within a few minutes. The next morning I woke up and my tongue was smooth! Cracks gone. I still can't believe it. I have tried many other things and nothing has helped except this. The second time I used this was on a lesion on my vulva. The doctor gave me a prescription for a tube of medication. It took about 2 weeks before it healed, however it irritated the rest of my vagina. Recently the lesion came back. This time I sprayed the probiotic spray on it and the next morning....YES THE NEXT was completely GONE! I couldn't believe it! Most recently I used it for a cough. My husband said,"why not try the probiotic spray?" I figured, why not. Well, believe it or not, my cough started getting better the same day and by the next day of use it was about gone. It's a matter of thinking about the uses. It's safe for any part of the body, so why not try it. I love having this around the house!"  - JF

"I've tried a lot of different products for my psoriasis. This stuff works!
Having had ongoing psoriasis issues, I try the many different products that claim to be the cure. Nothing has worked on the longer term. Then I found this on Amazon and figured I'd give it a try. Whatever they're created in this clear spray, it sure works. I'm very happy with the results. Nice to have clear, non itchy skin again!
" - Robairto